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E65, Fun Functionality

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By Ken Scully on
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The E65 is one of the latest models that Nokia has released onto the Irish mobile (cell) phone market and is part of "E" family of phones that Nokia classes as a business model.

As first looks go, it is very modern. The phone sports a slide-up mechinism which is helpful in avoiding hitting keys while in your pocket. The weight of the phone is approx 115g and dimensions are 105 x 49 x 15.5 mm making it really pocket friendly.

The phone has the same menu system as most other nokias so a transition to the E65 shouldnt be a problem, however the menu key itself is located the bottom of the quick keys and can cause a bit of confusion for the first day or so. As it is a phone for business people in mind, Nokia has added quick keys which allow the user to have functions such as conference calling, muting, or holding, a call, a phonebook and a key that can be user defined( I have mine set to my MP3 player).

Keeping in mind that that this is a business phone, Nokia has introduced an "office" within the E65. The office contains a few helpful applications including Quickoffice, adobe reader mobile and a printer service, which allows you to connect your phone to a printer via bluetooth and print off any documents that you may have been working on.

Although I have mentioned business, the E65 can be fun too. The phone is 3G compatible and has shown some great download speeds, using both 3G and EDGE data systems. It does also include a wifi adapter so free internet access in public wifi hotspots. The phone itself is built using Symbian 60 software so it is incredibly easy to download applications that can be both used on or offline. I currently have a youtube viewer, gmail reader and chat program called fring loaded on mine.(If you are getting this or other 3G phone get fring, it also allows you to make VOIP calls using skype)

The media section of the E65 is cool. As mentioned earlier the phone does contain a MP3 player. Sound on seems just as good as that of an ipod and does have an equaliser which is perfect if you listen to a lot of different genres of music.

The phone contains a 2 MegaPixel camera and, if you have a mirror handy to view the other person, it can be used for video calling. Print quality for these pics are very good.

The phone also contains a mobile version of RealPlayer allowing you to watch videos or movies while on the go. The problem I have with this though is that it will only allow you to view 3GP files and wont play any realmedia.

There are only two problems I have had with my phone:

The battery life

When it freezes.

Nokia state that the standby time for the E65 is approx 7days; thats a big no. On average I have gotten about 3 days out of mine. Admittedly I do use it alot of mobile browsing but I thought the battery would last longer then this. However the charge time is only three hours so it not that bad.

The other problem I had with my phone was that if you have used a few applications on the phone, it freezes. I have contacted Nokia in relation to this and they advised me to update the software. I did and dont seem to have anymore problems so far but not holding my breath just in case.

Overall, I have to say I love my E65, its stylish, functional and fun.

If you still have any further questions on this, call into your local stockist and play around with the E65 for a while to get the feel of it.