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Eagle Eye

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Eagle Eye starts off in the Middle East where a group of suspected terrorists are gathering. Meanwhile, a group of american special ops are watching them in there main base. There looking for one terrorist specifically and when the computer takes a picture of the man, it shows an identity match of 51% with the terrorist they are trying to find and the computer suggests that they abort the mission. The man running the operation unsure of what to do, he calls the president to inform him abnout the 51%. The president tells him to go through with it because if he is the terrorist their looking for and he walks, they are risking the lives of America. Therefore they launch missles and kill the group of suspected terrorists.

We then are introduced to a guy named Jerry Shaw(Played by Shia Lebeouf) who finds out that his brother has just died. Few days after the funeral, he stops by an ATM to see how much money he has and it reads that he has 765 million dollars. He takes some money from the ATM and unsure of why the money is there, he fleas. He goes back to his apartment and opens the door only to find tons of suitcases, bags, cases, and books there. When he looks through he finds out that these cases contain heavy artilery, ammo, manuels on planes, chemicals, and many other dangerous goods. Then the phone rings with a lady's voice ont he other end saying that he has 30 seconds to leave the apartment or the F.B.I. will arrest him and tells Jerry to head to the train station for further guidence. Not knowing who the kady is, he doesn't go along with her and a few seconds later, the F.B.I. crash through his window and arrest him. At the F.B.I. headquarters, he is investigated and even though he pleads his innocence, the investigater(Played by Billy Bob Thorton) doesn't buy it one bit. The investigator leaves the room with Jerry locked in. Then Jerry's phone rings again. "Hello" " We have planned an escape for you, lay on your back immediatly".

I'm not giving anything else away eexcept that a character named Rachel(Played by Michelle Monaghan) also has the woman calling her on the phone telling he things in order to save her son and the lady on the phone ends up putting Rachel and Jerry to work together.

This is a good watch, nothing spectactular, but a good watch indeed. Its also really unique in the sense that are every day machines like signs, cellphones and other things can be used against us or lead us, which makes it a little creepy. Then again I also had a problem with this movie because whenever Jerry or Rachel picked up the phone and the lady on the other end was telling them what to do, I couldn't help but think that they have already done the exact same thing in "The Matrix" where Morpheus calls Neo on the phone, Neo doesn't know who he is but Morpheus tells him what to do and that if he doesn't escape out of his office and jump out the window in one minute, he will be arrested just like Eagle Eye. However, even though this seems pretty much taken right from The Matrix, don't get me wrong, the rest of the movie around that is completly original and entertaining.

Therefore, I give this one a 3.3 out of 5 due to how entertaining it was with mediocre script and acting, and come creativity, along with the Matrix phone ripoff gag. But still a god watch and I would recommend to rent it, but it isn't worth the money to see it in theatres.