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Eagle Hoodie Jacket, Fails The Laundry Test

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dade By dade on
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Our oldest son, Brian needed a few clothes. We went to Kohl's to pick up a few things for the holidays and Brian started looking at jackets.

He really liked the "Dickies" brand, Eagle Hoodie. Brian has always been a "hoodie" kind of guy, so I wasn't surprised.

He wore it to school all last week, then it went to the laundry last weekend. Not quite sure what happened to his new "hoodie, but it didn't pass the laundry test. Something happened with the zipper part of the jacket. It was coming apart down around the bottom.

Well, my son wanted to keep it. I wanted to return it. I paid for it, so we both brought it back to the store. Thank God, we put it on the card, because I couldn't find the receipt for the purchase!

There was no problem with Kohl's. This was not the first time we have had to return something to a store. Usually, retail stores are pretty good with returns. The problem was with my son. He wanted the exact same "hoodie". That was not an option.

We went home. I told Brian to shop online, until he found something he might want. My wife took over, after a few minutes of this. She helped him get reasonable, since I was not being very reasonable.

They went out that evening to Penney's and Brian got a jacket, better than the one he had. I guess it all comes out in the wash.