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Eagles: 'Long Road Out Of Eden'

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David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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The Eagles are back with an awesome new release titled ‘Long Road Out Of Eden'. This band has outdone itself. I can not believe, how beautiful this album is. It is the best that they have ever done.

‘No More Walks In The Wood (4:00), is a simple song about the aftermath of a destroyed world. Simple, and without instrument, this one is cool.

‘How Long'? (3:20) is right where Don Henley and Glenn Frey left off. Joe Walsh and Tim Schmit back up the vocal as usual, and it is a great song. I love what they have done here.

‘Busy Being Fabulous', is a song about forgetting love. Often the romance is dissipated, when one is so fabulous, that only glitter is what is Gold! Love takes the back seat, and the romance is over. A great, "I can live without you" song.

‘What Do I Do With My Heart' (3:55) is also a great piece, that reflects on Glenn Frey's solo work, as that is what it sounds like to me. He seems to write some of the most unforgettable stuff, but I am not sure who gets the credit on this one other than, how beautiful a song, sad, and true. Ok I looked it up. I was right. Glenn Frey, with Don Henley wrote this one. What do we do with our hearts, when this is all over? What do we do when the relationship ends? Don Henley squeals out a few times, and this one brings tears to your eyes.

The fifth song is ‘Guilty Of The Crime' (3:44) which is a rowdy saloon type song, with a touch of the ‘Long Run', and other past Eagles styles. Joe Walsh makes his keyboard sound like a piano. This one is about being Judge and Jury, and admitting the guilt of love.

‘I Don't want To Hear Anymore' (4:25), is about being told that the relationship is over. It reminds me of the band ‘Air Supply' for some reason. Maybe, because this song is so soft, it reminds me of that great band of the past that is worth mentioning.

‘Waiting In The Weeds' is the best song on this album and at 7:10 long, it is worth every dollar I spent on this double CD release. This acoustic song is so beautiful that I think of all my sins and failures. I feel; closer to God. I love the fact that a song could express the emotions and feeling of so many people that have been holding it in. I am so pleased to have this song in my collection. It is, in my opinion, the best song that the Eagles have every written. I feel this one, like I have never heard a song before. It makes you ponder your life, and reflect. Awesome! Inspirational! Elite! It is the perfect song for the season, this snowy December day.

‘No More Cloudy Days' (3:58) follows with a very exciting tune that also ranks up there with some of the best. This is a band that can make the living room a mellow place to be, while making the sun shine. Following this one is three more songs that all are excellent in review. I believe that album this will produce many greatest hits. ‘Fast Company' (3:57) ‘Do Something', (5:06) and ‘You Are Not Alone', (2:30) top off the first CD with excellent lyrics, tune, and of course, pleasant comfort.

‘Fast Company' is a special one that should get a 100+ on ranking.

Disc two, has the title song for its first encore. ‘Long Road Out Of Eden', starts off slow, and plays out a great western story. Today's youth can relate to this one. It is about all things wrong with the world today. It makes you think about what it was like in the days before modernization. I feel guilty listening to this song, as they mention, sin after sin, that each of us can relate to. It is so true, and realistic. A new style in lyrics has emerged here. Today's Wild West is a fact. This one plays for 10:15.

‘I Dreamed There Was; No War', (1:37) is next, with a quick emotional tug. This short but powerful piece makes you really think about you blessings. It plays like the ‘Star Spangled Banner', and is strictly instrumental.

‘Somebody' (4:12), is a song about being paranoid, or, in actuality, making someone feel paranoid. It is a simple, but exciting song, that preludes ‘Frail Grasp on The Big Picture' (5:10), a reality check type of song. It is about our messed up world, and is right on the money, to an extent.

‘Last Good Time In town' (7:15), ‘I Love To Watch A Woman Dance' (3:11), ‘Business As Usual' (5:34), and ‘Center Of The Universe' (3:48) all have some great lyrics, and excellent instrumental touch. I love each and every one of these.

The song I really can relate to is; the very last song on CD#2. ‘It's Your World Now' (4:20), is a sweet melody about the world becoming new, and about life, after the show is over. I think of how awesome this one would sound as an Elvis hit. I love this CD. It is so very true, that it is a ‘Long Road Out Of Eden. I suggest that this one go right to the top of your ‘must have' list. It is 100% tops.