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Eagles: 'Their Greatest Hits 1971 1975'

Reviewing: Asylum Cd 1976  |  Rating:
David Nesteby By David Nesteby on
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This is one of the very best cds that I have in my collection. With so many great artists of the 70's, and so many bands that have impressed my music-loving-taste coming from that era, I have no problem defining this as the best, 'Best Of' cd collection.

'Take It Easy' is the first one on this release. It is a very layed-back track that was wonderfully produced with such style that made the Eagles rich with composure. Sporting the great lyrics of multiple writers, this band was never short of hit titles, such as this one. I love 'Take It Easy', it is a great prelude to the slightly wicked 'Witchy Woman', which made its way through the charts as a great Eagles favorite.

The type of music that the Eagles performed throughout the 70's was marked with trademark titles that every music lover has heard. 'Lyin' Eyes' is a fantastic song about a young couple flirting with the heart ache of a love breaking apart. She promises to return, and as you know, she lied. This song reminds me of some of Bob Segers great work. She moves on to find that the new life wasn't what she expected. When she says she's fine, he knows better.

The fourth great southern style crooning that is on this collector cd, is 'Already Gone'. This song is about leaving a relationship, and celebrating the freedom associated with that escape. It is a great rock tune indeed!

'Desperado' is next. It is a western style favorite that includes the piano in its slow, sad pace, about a loner. I often feel like this one is directed at me, though I realize it was written probably when I was about 4 years old. I have always used this one as a spirit lifter, when I am about to give up on life. I Thank God for great pieces like this survival song, encouraging you to let somebody love you!

'One Of These Nights' is the #6 title. It is a beautiful song about the passions and desires of love. About being that great lover, this song is for the quest of hunting that "Daughter of the devil himself'. This is a well written favorite, with the whole band following up the chorus and background Vocals.

The #7 is'Tequila Sunrise'. this is a great western style slow rock song, with a style of its own. Its early 70's release was a prelude to most of the songs that the Eagles were known for. This is a nice slow-dance song.

The next song on this greatest album/cd, is 'Take It to The Limit', a piece about reaching as far as you can. When life has you down, this one will get you back on your feet and pushin that limit. I love this one a little more than their other stuff. Great drum roll in this one right before the finale.

The #9 title, is a great song about the world as it is enjoyed. 'Peaceful Easy Feeling', dedicated to that woman that he so desparetly wants to have. A great song for sure.

The final song, 'Best Of My Love', is the greatest acoustic slow dance song ever written. This song has a foundation in my married life that can't be erased. I love this song, and have danced this one out many times with my Lady. It is by far the best song ever played by this band. Excellent!

If you have never purchased Eagles:' Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975', you should do so, as this album/cd is must have for any music collection. Oh My, how time is flying by, and all the good bands have gone. What will tomorrow bring? Don't answer that question!