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Earplugs Offer A Good Night's Sleep

Reviewing: Sleep Pretty In Pink Earplugs  |  Rating:
By amybrantley on
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Because of my work hours, I don't get in bed until 3am. This means that I must sleep during the hours when most people are getting ready for work. Unfortunately, I'm a light sleeper, which means that I wake up several times throughout the morning. On the mornings when my neighbors decide to mow, I usually only get a few hours of sleep. Enough was enough.

I decided to try the Sleep Pretty in Pink Earplugs. I liked the fact that this brand was designed just for women. This meant that they were a bit smaller than most brands. I also liked the fact that they claimed to block 32 decibals of sound.

Sleep Pretty in Pink Earplugs can be a bit tricky to place in your ears, but their are thorough instructions located on the package. Once you get the hang of it, these earplugs are very easy to install.

For $12.99 I received 3 boxes of Sleep Pretty in Pink Earplugs. Each box contained 14 pairs and each pair is reuseable. In my opinion, this is a fantastic price.

I absolutely love the Sleep Pretty in Pink Earplugs. Since I started wearing them, I have slept much better. In fact, outside noises are no longer an issue. If you need to sleep during the day, I highly recommend this product.