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Earth Defense Force

Reviewing: D3 Publisher Xbox 360  |  Rating:
By Matthew Campbell on
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Earth Defense Force is one of those games best played with beers and a buddy. While it may be lacking in terms of sound, graphics, and storyline, it definitely delivers in the fun department. Originally a Japanese game ported up from the PS2, the game is set over a series of stages where all you do is lay waste to a variety of enemies, all of them at least 10x your size. Missions are set in large environments, either countryside or cities, all of which can be laid to waste with the extremely large arsenal of weapons, the more powerful ones which get unlocked playing on harder difficulty levels on later stages. There lies the real draw to the game, trying to unlock better weapons that do just that more damage, or picking up armour pieces that add +1 to your total health. Nothing is quite as satisfying as entering a city level with a 6-way rocket launcher, and laying waste to the buildings around you as they crumple to the ground, letting you see the enemy from a farther distance and giving you more time to prepare for the onslaught. The enemies are usually extremely large ants, spiders, or robots that stand over 1000 feet tall. Co-op in the game is a blast and really one of the major selling points to the game. When you both excitedly unlock a new weapon and head into a harder level to try it out and hopefully unlock better weapons, well, it's actually quite a thrill. As you get better and more powerful weapons, they farther the enemies fly and bounce around the screen, as nothing beats seeing a spider get smoked by a rocket and bounce across the city and off a skyscraper. While the graphics are pretty much Xbox era, and sound is simplistic and repetitive, it's the 2-player co-op (offline only) multiplayer component and that "gotta find em all, bigger, BETTER" weapon collection that will keep making this the perfect, HILARIOUS, chill game. Too bad there's no online co-op.