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Easy Healthy Meals For Busy Diabetics

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This slow cooker recipe book is probably the most used cookbook I own! I love how easy it is to just mix together or even just throw in a few on hand ingredients into my slow cooker set it on low or medium depending on how long I will be gone from home or even asleep at night. Everyone in my opinion needs to have a slow cooker.

I am always on the look out for fast healthy diabetic friendly cookbooks, and I have a big collection, some I use alot, some I wish I didn't own, and that is just because of the gross recipes I find in some of them. Some cookbooks for diabetics seem to think that diabetics want or need to eat liver in five different ways, or ostrich, or are loaded with desserts, which I actually don't mind, who doesn't love a yummy dessert every now and then?

I love my diabetes slow cooker recipe book because it is simple, and I usually always have most of the ingredients on hand, as do most other people i'm sure as the book uses pantry/freezer staples. The prep is super super easy almost too easy! I work full time and I am in university almost full time so I don't have alot of time to prepare healthy meals. Before this book I would run out the door to the bus stop and pick up a muffin for breakfast, not a good idea for an everyday thing for a diabetic! Now I use a couple of recipes from this book to make my breakfast the night before, I simply throw the ingredients into the slowcooker, set it for eight hours and in the morning I have a hot healthy breakfast!

This works for suppers and lunches too! I do alot of grocery shopping, then I throw together the ingredients like chicken with veggies and rice mix up and lock in a glass tupperware container, or even just a freezer baggie, and I freeze them. That way I can just look in my freezer or have someone that doesn't even know how to boil a pot of water dump the contents out into the slow cooker, turn it on and go to work and when I come home a full healthy meal is ready fo the table!

Another thing I love about this book is that it goes through the measurements and how they differ compared to stove/oven use, and how to adjust. Also includes info on how to cut up certain veggies and meats for best cooking methods, and spices and herbs that work best in a slow cooker and when to add them. There is also information on how to use a slow cooker, so if you lost your manual that came with the slow cooker or are buying a second hand one, there is information in here on the basics of slow cookers and how to use them.

Here is a little sample of some of the recipes you will find in this book to make in the slow cooker:

Banana walnut oat bread, pumpkin date loaf, carrot, , bread, spicy spinach dip, homemade multigrain cereal with cinnamon and apples(my fave), Artichoke, sundried tomato and goat cheese spread, Borscht, turkey and black bean soup, chili, mushroom lasagna, sweet potato coconut curry with shrimp, poached salmon, chicken cacciatore with broccoli, morrocan style chicken with prunes and quinoa, , saucy swiss steak, irish stew, gingery pears poached in green tea, the ultimate baked apples, and so many more!

You can order these books from The Canadian Diabetes website www.diabetes.ca, they have many books published through the CDA including cookbooks for children with diabetes, and desserts for diabetics etc.