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Easy Off Bam Power Cleaner

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I live in a home that uses well water so I'm always on the lookout for a product that will get rid of some of the problems associated with hard water. I purchased the Easy Off BAM Power Cleaner. The bottle says it cleans grime, lime, and soap scum. Okay, I have all 3! Immediately I wanted to try it on just about everything in my master bathroom. First I tried it in my toilet to clean the hard water ring from the standing water. I sprayed, let it sit a minute, and swished a toilet brush around. It did a nice job of cleaning the bowl, so I next went to my Jacuzzi tub. Again, I sprayed, scrubbed with a little with a brush and it did an 'okay' job. It looked better, but I'm not sure it got the soap scum with just one try. The next job was the biggest, and the hardest...THE SHOWER STALL! Now this is where I really wanted it to work! I repeated the above steps, waited, and...it was a disappointment! My well water won!

I'm willing to keep trying this product because maybe my grime, lime, and soap scum have built up over time due to the failure of my previous cleaning products. Maybe with consitant use it will evntually clean the gunk layer by layer. That's my hope anyway. Since it cleaned my toilet bowl so well, I know it can do a good job cleaning. And since my toilet bowl is porcelain and my Jacuzzi tub and shower stall are acrylic, that may be why the surfaces clean differently. One thing I did have trouble with was turning the spray nozzle to the "on" position. By trial and error I figured out that you need to push a small button to make the nozzle turn.

The bottom line is I'll use the bottle I have and then decide if I will buy this product again.