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Easy Off's Bam Has No Bam

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By Shannon Tani on
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OK, I admit it. I let my stovetop get to an unacceptable level of dirtyness. I always gave it a quick wiping down without a whole lot of heavy-duty cleaning. This is my mistake.

Despite my efforts, soap and water were simply not doing the trick. Neither was the all-purpose cleaner I usually use to clean things. So I was browsing through K-Mart looking for the magic product that would actually get my stove clean.

BAM caught my eye. Its purple and lime green bottle drew me in. So did the ad printed on it claiming that BAM was more powerful than Formula 409. Clearly this was the biggest baddest product on the shelves.

I bought it and took it home. Embarrassingly, I was actually pretty excited to have a clean stove.

What I expected:

I would spray the BAM onto my stove, wait a few minutes, and then be able to wipe off the dirt and grease with ease.

What actually happened:

I sprayed the BAM on my stove, waited 20 minutes to really let it start working, wiped down my stove. And all the dirt and grease was still there. It didn't remove any of it! Completely stunned, I scrubbed a bit harder, to no avail. It was almost as though the BAM actually sealed the grease into the stove instead of releasing it.

I highly advise you to find some other stove cleaner to use. BAM is just not worth your money.