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Easy, Practical Reading Without Tons Of A Ds

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Woman’s World Magazine is one of my two absolute favorite publications.

The magazine is well written and easy to read. The articles run all over the chart from diet, health care, fashion and true stories. I find that the health articles, particularly those on alternative medicine are usually spot on and well researched. They are not a magazine to promote brands, however they will give opinions on brands or mention brands that they particularly shopped for or found to their liking.

On example of their non promotion of brands is in their skin care section they often will list a couple of brands with the active ingredient that they are writing about (like blueberries for their anti-oxidant value, for example) but then go on to write how you can make your own version at home. Even if I do not feel like making my own concoction, having the ingredients list gives me a guideline of what to look for if I decide to compare between other brands that I may run across.

Since the magazine has very few ADs, it is slim and easier to read through… no flipping past pages of junk and usually the story is all together, not beginning at page 3 and then continuing on page 164 like bulky AD reliant publications. I mention the low AD totals because I do feel that it ads to Woman’s World’s credibility.

The true stories by readers are really a nice touch. They are often about families or getting through a tough time. The positive real voices are very uplifting. Also, sometimes the situations are ones that friends, family or even myself may have been through or will go through after I read the story. The insite that I have gained from hearing these first person stories have helped me to relate to situations when they arose later, and made me a better friend for it.

Woman’s World also does a good job at adding humor and spirit to every issue. They also include a different destination every week with both travel and local residence information, which I find very interesting. I especially like that they add the median household income, average climate and average price of a family home. Not only does it give me information if I want to relocate, but it also gives me a little more insight into how people are living in areas that I am unfamiliar with.

To keep the mind sharp, or just for fun, they include a weekly sleuth story, or whodunit, that allows the reader to try and figure out who the culprit is, along with a weekly crossword, Suduko and a couple other fun puzzles. Personally, I feel that the weekly sleuth story is a bit too easy… but I still like to read it… I guess in a way it makes me feel smart that I can spot the clues so readily.

Overall, the magazine is a real treat and the common sense information contained in the pages are things that can often be used right away. Reading Woman’s World is something that I really look forward too.

Update On Apr 24, 2008: Hi! I added a couple of images of Woman's World Magazine. One of the cover and another of a story. I hope that you can see how colorful and well laid out the magazine and story are.

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