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sweetums By sweetums on
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I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes during my pregnancy and was given a FreeStyle Lite Glucose Meter to test my blood sugar levels during the day. I was so hesitant about doing my own testing but quickly learned it was no big deal.

The device you use to poke your finger that contains the lancet has 4 different settings which control how deeply the needle will puncture the skin. I LOVE that feature! I can set it according to my needs and I don't have to be bruised from such deep punctures. The meter only needs a tiny amount of blood in order to get a reading. The test strips are easy to put into the meter and when you insert the strip that automatically turns the meter on. After getting the drop of blood onto the test strip it only takes a few seconds for the reading to show up onto the display screen in large numbers. It also shows the date and time of the reading. In order to turn the meter off, simply remove the strip. After about a minute, the meter will automatically shut off.

The meter has a memory function so you can look back at previous blood sugars that you've taken. The thing I don't like about this feature is that if you get a false high reading, you aren't able to delete it and that will mess with your averages that it figures out in the very beginning of the memory feature. I don't personally use the "average" feature, but I still find it annoying.

You are also able to press a button to backlight the display and the buttons in case you are having to test in the dark.

The lancets are very easy to change out after testing your blood sugar and just need to be put into a used and clearly marked "sharps" container.

The meter comes with a small black zippered case that will hold the meter, the lancet/puncture device, a tube of test strips and extra lancets. It's fairly lightweight, even when containing extra lancets and a full tube of test strips.

I would highly recommend this glucose meter to anyone!