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Easy To Clean Bird Feeder

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Spring is definitely here in SW Florida. We have seen everything from bobcats to many varieties of birds. Our house is situated between two vacant lots that will never have a house on them because each lot has Scrub Jay protected areas. A Scrub Jay is also called a Blue Jay and they normally hop along the ground and make their nests in the ground - just like the scrub jay brush that consists of trees, weeds, all kind of low and high ground cover. It is illegal to remove these areas here, so you can imagine the wildlife that comes along.

We hung our new square blue bird house on Sunday afternoon. We already had a smaller one but the birds were having a hard time getting to the seed - mostly because the birds around here are larger. My husband hung our new feeder by the corner of the back of our house, which is close to where many birds nest and are roosting for Spring.

Yesterday, I caught a picture of a male Cardinal that has been coming around a lot lately. He has brought along another male and even a beautiful female. Normally the females are dull and not very pretty, but the one that came to our feeder did have the brown body but her head was a vibrant red - almost like the red in the male I have pictured here.

I have not seen more than one bird on the feeder at a time, as they seem to give each other turns. But if I do catch more on the feeder, I will definitely be uploading more images.

The feeder is a bright blue and made of plastic. The top lid part by the string lifts up and you pour the seed into the container and replace the lid by sliding it back down. There are 4 sides obviously to the feeder and it definitely is more sturdy that some other feeders we have had. There is room for 2 birds to sit on each side - if they decided to. It rained on Sunday and the seed didn't really get wet, which has been a problem with other feeders. The "roof" or top of the feeder is large enough that it helps protect the seed feeding area below. The seed mix we put inside is for lots of different birds, so we are hoping to see a lot of action very soon. Of course any seed that falls to the ground will be sprouting new plants in the bushes below and that will help feed the bunny rabbits we have in our yard too.

The feeder holds 5 pounds of feed.

The size is 9.5" x 9.5" x 21" high

It's easy to clean and comes with the black sturdy cord to hang it.

Comes in red, green, yellow or blue

It's so cool to see so much wildlife coming around and also providing some food to the mommas out there to go feed their young. I also love the bright red color of this Cardinal in my photo against the bright blue of the feeder.

Update On Jun 16, 2010: I have to say that this little male Cardinal is very possessive of this feeder. He chases off every other bird, except his girlfriend. I have seen him chase Morning Doves, Scrub Jays, Brown Thrashers and even other Cardinals. It's so funny to watch him do this but the other birds stay away.