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Easy To Take, Fast Working Gas X Thin Strips

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About a month ago my indulgence for pizza, pasta and other wheat/gluten based foods caught up with me and my stomach was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. I know that my body no longer likes the yeasty type foods but please, I'm expected to pass up some incredibly delectable Cinnamon Buns with Cream cheese frosting because of a little reaction?

Well, yes, I guess perhaps given that I was feeling relatively close to exploding - that's exactly what I should have done. So while out one afternoon I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up something that might help. While searching through the shelves of "stuff" I came across a box of Gas-X Thin Strips in a cinnamon flavor.

These strips come as 18 individually, foil wrapped strips so for $7.99 they aren't the cheapest solution out there but I wanted something that I wouldn't have to chew or need a spoon in order to take and these fit the bill.

The foil packets are easy to open, just peel back both sides and reveal the little thin red strip, pop the strip onto the tongue and let it melt. The recommended dose is 2 strips with no more than 10 to be taken within a 24 hour period and they should not be used for longer than 2 consecutive weeks. I first took only 1 strip - partially because I thought one would be sufficient but also because I figured I would try and make these last.

The one strip didn't quite do a complete job but I did feel somewhat better only a few minutes after taking one. I tried another strip about 5 minutes after the first one and almost instantly I felt much better. These strips worked exceptionally well and after the first two I didn't need any more - that is until the next time I ate something I wasn't suppose to but two strips seem to be plenty for me and the flavor of cinnamon is very true to the real thing so I have no problem taking these. An added perk is that they also make great mouth fresheners and the taste of cinnamon remains for a while after taking them.

I will definitely buy these again if I should run out of the strips I have left - this product works and works well to relieve pain, bloating and all the discomforts of gas. Each strip contains 6.25 mg's of simethicone and should be stored at room temperature and out of reach of children. Children under the age of 12 should only be given these under the care of a Physician.

Excellent product that I'd recommend to others.