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Easy To Use With Albuterol Inhaler

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By tcmom on
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After I was prescribe the Albuterol inhaler, I experience difficulty with using it properly. I wasted more dosages than I can count. I went through about 2 canasters in record time. Not from over-dosing, but from spraying the aerosol into the air and not were it was meant to be. I also, had trouble holding the inhaler upright while trying to place the mouthpiece fully into my mouth and closing my lips around it, as the directions instructed. I finally contacted my doctor and informing her that I just couldn't use this inhaler as directed, because I would either gag or miss the dosage by pressing the top. She prescribed this aerochamber and had the respiratory technician teach me how to use it. After a few tries, viola! SUCCESS. This plastic cylinder is a great tool to aid in administering MDI (metered dose inhalant).

The instructions are easy to follow: 1. insert inhaler into back. 2. put mouthpiece into mouth, 3.depress inhaler at beginning of slow deep inhalation. 4. Hold breath up to 10 seconds before breathing out. I usually count from 6 to 1 before breathing out and this seems to help. Patients having difficulty with slow deep breaths, keep mouth tight on mouthpiece (moi) and breathe slowly 2-3 times after depressing inhaler. 5. Slow down inhalation if you hear the FLOWSIGnal Whistle sound. And finally, wait 30 seconds before repeating steps 1-4 as prescribed. I don't understand why a doctor's written order is needed to buy this AeroChamber Plus device, but we do??? If your insurance will not cover the cost, you can obtain it for free at a respiratory clinic. It is recommended that you discard the AeroChamber after one year and to clean it often. It is very easy to clean. Just soak the chamber in warm sudsy water (mild detergent) for about 15 minutes and rinse until clear, air-dry only. Don't forget to remove the bottom piece and clean along with chamber, do not remove mouthpiece, ever.