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Easy Up Tent

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By louella on
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I bought this tent because I thought it would be great for our camping trip to put over our sleeping tents. It is very, very heavy, so I had to have my husband bring it to the campsite. It took two of us to open and set up. I think it took the two of us the first time because we really did not know what we were doing. All you do is pull it out of the box and then one person holds one end and the other person pulls it and the frame automatically sets up. Before it opens fully, I put the tarp over the frame and attach it with the velcro tabs. Then you finish opening it out fully. There are stakes that come with it for anchoring down the frame poles and string that you secure to trees or I suppose you could stake them into the ground also, but we attached to surrounding trees.

Our second time using it was much better and faster, since we knew what we were doing. It really is very easy, take out, pull half way open, attached the tarp and open fully, secure with stakes. It is that simple.

As long as the weather is not tornado type winds, it held up really well for us. But we did have one aweful night, where we really had major wind and rain, (not your normal wind), but really bad wind, and it did destroy the frame. My husband did try to fix it but there was no hope.

I would recommend this tent, and I do plan to get another one for the simple ease of use. But I do not recommend it in bad wind conditions.