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Easy Way To Relax Lavender Oil

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Stress is an awful thing and it effects all of us - if we let it.

We were first introduced to essential oils last year when I had such a bad sinus infection. The oils we prefer to use are pure therapeudic grade oils and organic. Of course you can buy cultivated oils and some oils come from the United States. But we do prefer oils from plants that are known in the world for being strong and more pure. There are several places to purchase these essential oils, but Mountain Rose Herbs is by far the best for your money. And the plant oils work! There are cheaper versions out there and also more expensive brands. Just make sure they are Therapeutic grade oils. Anything else will surely not work as well.

Lavender has always been used to relax the body and soul. Manufacturers put it in room sprays, lotions, soaps and colognes. Lavender is very relaxing, which I am sure you know.

With Lavender Essential Oil, all you do is put a few drops in the palm of your hand and rub it on the bottom of your foot. Repeat for the other foot. You may also rub a little on your temples and pulse points. I would strongly recommend though, if you DO put any oil on your neck area, to test a little bit first because Essential Oils will pull out toxins in your body and can cause a burn mark on your skin - if you are not careful. This isn't really from the oil, but your body's reaction to being cleansed. This is simply a reaction to those metallic toxins in your body being drawn out. This happened to me when I put a drop on either side of my neck, right under each ear. I did not know that some oils could do this, so it's important to read up on what they do. You can dilute any oil though by using a pure coconut oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Internet has a wealth of information on essential oils.

We prefer to put a few drops in our hand, rub the palms together and then rub our hands over our pillow. Then put the lavender on the bottom of our feet and go to sleep. Trust me - you will sleep so well.

Even the Bible references oils and back in Egypt and other parts of the world, oils were more valuable than silver, gold or gems. Even the Magii brought Frankincense and Myrrh to Jesus in the manger.

When we first used the Lavender oil, our dog Chopper got out of our bed, ran over to where I had been standing on the rug in the bathroom and rolled all around in it. Then he got back in bed and fell asleep quicker than I could get comfortable. It was quite funny and we didn't expect him to do that, but lavender also works on dogs apparently.

Mountain Rose Herbs offers serveral sizes and we prefer to order the oils in 1 ounce sizes. That really is a lot of oil and lasts at least a month but also depends on how many people are using it.

Note: I am not a Physician or a practicing Herbalist. Chiropractors also use essential oils, as do Massage Therapists. Ask about them next time you see one of these professionals.