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Eat This Not That

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Eat This Not That!: Thousands of Simple Food Swaps That Can Save You 10, 20, 30 Pounds - or More! Is a diet book essentially but it takes more of a different twist than most. Eat This Not That! is more of a visual book than a reading book. The book sets out to show you using pictures and pop up type boxes what foods you should eat instead of others. For example when you go into Pizza Hut you would be better off ordering 2 slices of the Thin and Crispy Pizza instead of Two slices of the Supreme Pizza. It also gives you a few other safe choices for that restaurant, and a few more unsafe choices. Of course you would choose the ones suggested because they are healthier for you, they have less calories, fat, and sodium. The Eat This Food Item and the Don't Eat This Food Item both have the calorie content, fat content, and sodium information somewhere on the page for you to see so that you can compare the 2 food items. The Eat This Food is on one Page, and the Don't Eat This Food Item is on the opposite page, so you can do an easy side by side comparison. There is also some information of how the preparation of a particular food may affect its over all healthy or un-healthy affects.

After a quick introduction on how the book works and how you can use the book. The book starts off with a chapter on the top 20 worst foods you can possibly eat. These are mostly restaurant items but some items come directly from the grocery store.

This chapter also contains a top 10 swap list. The Big Mack and Whopper are right at the top of that list. They say you should eat a Big Mack instead of a Whopper because it only has 18 grams of fat as opposed to the Whoppers 42 grams of fat, and you will also save 220 Calories. Of course the Big Mac is pretty high and fat and calories, but if you feel the need to indulge the Big Mac is the safer of the two, burgers to choose.

The first chapter also has ratings of some of the top fast food restaurants, and chain sit down restaurants. It gives them a grade rating based on their over all healthy food options, based on main items and side dishes.

The second chapter is contains 149 pages or around 74 different food comparisons based off of popular and chain restaurant food items. The Pizza Hut example above details how this chapter is handled.

The next chapter contains food choices for special occasions. For instance on the 4th of July you would be better off eating some coleslaw, baked beans, tortilla chips, guacamole, and a 6 oz filet mignon, and watermelon slice. Rather than eating a whole peach, corn on the cob with ½ tablespoon of butter, veggies with ranch dip and potato salad, and a cheese burger. It also gives you tips on how to cut calories and fat by how you prepare things. For instance drop the cheese on the burger, and use a more lean beef to form the burgers yourself.

This chapter also has ball park food choices, candy choices, and movie theater choices among others.

The next chapter covers the refrigerator section, it compares just about all of the prepared items from cereal, to frozen dinners, yogurts, snacks, cookies, even cereal bars. I think they have most of the grocery store covered here. In this section instead of one item against another there are pictures of several items on the Eat This Side, and several on the Not This Side for each category.

The next chapter gets in to beverages. You have comparisons of coffees from popular coffee places, compares sodas, health drinks, juices, juice boxes, and even beers.

The final chapter entitled: What to Eat When is kind of like the fact chapter. There is a list of 15 foods that cure; there is also a small little blurb on why they are healthy and what they will help improve.

There are also pages with listings of foods to eat when you are feeling certain ways such as what to eat when you are stressed, when you want to sleep, and when you are depressed, among others. These pages tell you the best foods to eat to improve these moods, and what foods you should avoid.

There is also some information on kids and how to feed them properly.