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Eau... These Baggies Smell Moldy!

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chenault By chenault on
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Last week I was at Gary's a local store in Mansfield when I remembered we needed resealable baggies at home. To my dismay this store didn't have Ziploc baggies, so I purchased a brand I had never heard of FRESH SEAL STORAGE BAGS.

I paid $1.59 for 25 7 inch by 8 inch resealable baggies, which is expensive for a no name brand in my opinion, but I really didn't feel like running into Krogers for baggies because I knew I would remember about 20 more items we needed at home.

The following morning I prepared my lunch to take to work and used these baggies for the first time. They sealed well and seemed durable.

At lunch time when I bit into my chicken sandwich I thought, "What the heck?! Is my bread like molded or something?" It tasted really weird, and smelled quite moldy...

Suspicious, I inspected my sandwich. Everything looked fine, but I could smell that it wasn't... I opened the baggie and took a whiff. I felt my stomach turn. The baggie smelled moldy inside! My sandwich and cookies were ruined! I was really disappointed!

When I got home I inspected the box of Fresh Seal baggies, the package was in good condition, there was no visible mold on the box... but sure enough EVERY baggie had a funky (NASTY) moldy scent inside.

I was really disappointed. I hate to waste plastic products and have them just end up in a land fill, so I informed my husband of the problem. He said he could use the baggies for organizing nails and screws and so on.

Anyhow, this is a pretty rotten product. I certainly will never purchase this brand again, for any reason and I would not recommend it to others either.