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Eberjey Delirious Bra

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Buying a bra is not easy. Well, it's easy peasy pie if you want underwire, padding and all sorts of discomfort. BUT, if you want a simple, comfortable pretty bra that does not look like it belongs to a 12 year old, it's tough. For reasons unbeknownst to me, bra designers and manufacturers think all small-breasted women want to be more amply endowed. At least that's what the selection in my size tells me. I've tried on almost every bra known to womankind in the last 25 years [or so].

I wore bras when I worked Corporate. When I left, I abandoned the bra. Don't worry, I wasn't scaring the neighbors or flopping about like a bunny rabbit. I am small-breasted and perky [thank heavens!]. For years all I could find in my size were training bras, sports bras and equally unattractive over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.

For health reasons, about a year ago my doctor suggested I start wearing a bra again. Off I went to hunt a bra that looked like it *might* belong to a woman not a girl.

Thank goodness for Nordstrom's and Eberjey! I was properly fitted at Nordstrom's [and highly recommend a proper fitting, btw]. When I explained to the lovely saleswoman that I did not want underwire or padding, she pointed me to Eberjey's product offering [after she got over her initial shock].

I purchased several Eberjey bras. They are comfortable. O, so comfortable! And pretty. Lacy - soft, not scratchy. They come in a rainbow of colours, too. Lucky for me, I found them on the clearance rack so I was fortunate to find a couple in my size [they run S, M, L] and even found one matching set.

They provide enough support for my needs; I don't need much. So, if you're more amply endowed, be sure to try them on carefully and wear them in the dressing room a bit before purchasing.

I have found that they've stretched a bit after 3 months. I launder them in the washing machine, gentle cycle, Woolite in a lingere bag.

I've also found that one of them has a funky quirk; the left front panel slides leaving me exposed in the front. I tightened the strap on the side and now it's fine but I'm keeping an eye on that oddity.

Leila, at Nordstrom's, recommended being re-fitted every six months when it's time to replace my brassieres. Since a bra lasts about 6 months before it loses its shape and support, that made sense to me. She also suggested not wearing the same bra on consecutive days, just like shoes, they'll last longer if they're rotated in and out of use.

Sorry there's no picture. I didn't contact Eberjey for permission to use theirs and really don't want to 'show you mine'. I'm sure you understand.

If I could rate these higher than a 5 on comfort, I would without hesitation.

If you're looking for a pretty, comfortable, even sexy bra and don't require a crane for support, look no further than Eberjey.