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Echochrome Play Station Network

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Hello and today I’m going to be reviewing Echochrome from the PlayStation Network on the PlayStation 3. Echochrome is a fun, creative, and challenging puzzle game that will keep you occupied for months, and for only $10!

Story: Well as many of you may have guessed Echochrome does not have a story. It’s really okay though, Echochrome’s main focus is to challenge you with its unique puzzles. I don’t see how the developers could have implemented a good story in this game anyways.

Visuals: Simplistic is a perfect word for the visuals in this game. Echochrome’s visuals consist of simple black outlined objects with a bright white background. I’m being completely honest! It’s a simple as that! While some might disagree, the visuals, while simple, are very unique and very fun to gaze at.

Controls: Yet again the controls are also fairly simple. When playing a puzzle your character moves automatically. You may speed up your characters movement by holding the X button, stop and think by pressing the triangle button. One of the most important things in the game is to move the camera, you do this by moving the right or left analog stick around. You can also speed up the camera movement by hold down R1. The controls are pretty good though, you shouldn’t have any issues with them.

Game play: Now this is where Echochrome really shines. All the puzzles are based on perspective. For example, you’re moving to one platform to another; however there’s a gap in between these platforms of course. What you would do is cover the gap up with some other object or platform and that will allow you to pass. Everything that you see becomes reality in this game. This offers a variety of the most creative puzzles you’ll ever experience! There are three modes, freeform, which sets you up with random puzzles that the developers made or other users created. The second mode is atelier, which is where you can select any of the 56 levels the developers created or any levels you created. You probably already figured out the third mode is canvas, which allows you to create your own levels. So you must be wondering what you’re trying to accomplish. Basically you’re maneuvering around these puzzles to collect these silhouette characters called echos. Of course you’re timed; you have about five minutes to finish each puzzle. The game play is great though. You don’t even need to be need to like puzzles to enjoy this game!

Sounds: When I first heard Echocromes soundtrack I was in love. The music is played entirely with stringed instruments and has some of the greatest music you’ll find in a $10 game! It’s all fully orchestrated as well!! I understand that some will dislike the music but luckily for those people there’s an option to turn off the music, then you’re left with the footsteps your character makes. I think you’d be crazy to turn the music off though.

Extras: There are no in game trophies for this game because it was released before the 2.41 update (which allowed developers to add in game music and trophies.) I don’t really see them adding any extra features though. There’s already a good amount of content here.

Replay: You are timed on how fast you complete levels so this can keep you coming back to old levels to try to beat your time. There’s also a leader board (1-10) if you think you’re actually capable of getting on them.

Closing comments: Echochrome is easily a buy at only $10! What are you waiting for? Go try it out!