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Eclipse Eclipse Review

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zelda By zelda on
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I was recently introduced to the Twilight series of books; I have to say that I fell in love. Stephenie Meyer is one of the most talented authors that I have ever had the pleasure of coming across. She is absolutely brilliant in her writing; she definitely has a way with words. Her characters seem to come alive in your imagination. I have read the entire series more times than I can count, and I never seem to get tired of it.

I have recently purchased Eclipse, which happens to be my favorite book in the series. It is in this book that I found I really got a good sense of the characters, I also found that this is the book in which Edward and Bella's relationship is really brought to light. It is also in this book that we get a good glimpse into Victoria; she is one of the Vampires that we meet briefly in Twilight.

She is the one with James and Laurent. I have to say that after reading this book I got a better idea of why she is the way she is. Overall I would have to say that this is the book that ties together most of the loose ends. I also enjoyed this book more than the others because of the look we get into Edward and Bella's relationship.

They are one of the most mismatched couples I have ever read about, oddly enough Stephenie Meyer manages to make it seem as if they were made for each other. I also love the way that she brings Edward to light, he is handsome and charming as ever, not to mention completely scary. There is a very simple balance that is found in this book, it is definitely one of those books that you just can't seem to put down.

The first time I sat down with this book, I managed to make it to page 567. The only reason that I did not finish it right away was because I wanted to spend some time playing with my girls. I have two young children that don't always make it easy to read, but with the Twilight series, I found myself making time for it.

If you liked Twilight and New Moon, Eclipse is definitely going to be on your favorites list. I plan on reading this series as many times as I possibly can and will be buying the last book very soon. I strongly recommend that you read this book; I can honestly say that it is one of the best books that I have ever read.