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Eclipse Novel

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Tonya Carlson By Tonya Carlson on
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This is the third book in the series by Stephenie Meyer.

In this book Edward and Bella get back together because Edward realizes that he can not live without her. But things are confusing to Bella she has feelings for Edward and Jake(the werewolf) so she ha to make a decision between the two. Back in the first book Edward kills the boyfriend of another vampire(Victoria) so in this book Victoria is trying to get back at Edward and is trying to kill Bella. Edward finds Victoria and they fight and Edwards kills her. And Bella chooses Edward and he agrees to make her a vampire. He wouldn't do that unless she first agreeded to marry him.

I really like this book because of the suspense and the love affair between the main characters and the fact that whatever they do she will have to change her life completley in order to be with the man that she wants to be with. But she also has to decide between two men. This was also a great book and a great ending. I have read that there is a fourth book coming out the spring of 2008 and the books name should be "Breaking Dawn" I can't wait to get this one!!!!

I would defintinley recommend this book and the rest of the books in the series "New Moon" and "Twlight" enjoy.