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Eclipse Stephanie Meyers

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Eclipse -Stephanie Meyers

Meyers has written a series of books about vampires. This series deals with a high school age girl named Bella who has fallen for Edward who is a vampire. The first book is called Twilight. The second book in the series is called New Moon. In the third book, Eclipse, the main character, Bella, is still in love with Edward but is best friends with a werewolf named Jacob. Meyers novel, Eclipse, finds Bella facing old and new dangers from people who would like to see her dead.

In the third book, Bella is graduating high school and trying to make some life altering decisions such as whether she should side with Jacob or Edward and how to bring about peace between the two boys before she winds up dead at the hands of some vengeful vampires.

Meyers keeps up the formula she has been using for her first two successful books and that is to keep the books simply written and full of action. This kind of book makes for a quick read that is very enjoyable.