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Eco Friendly Bamboo Garden Gloves

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I love to putter in the garden but it's really rough on my hands. As part of my Mother's Day presents last year, I got some new plants and a new pair of garden gloves, since my old ones had holes and were looking pretty bad. I like garden gloves that fit well, feel soft and protect my hands while still allowing me to have full use of them. These Garden Palace Ladies Bamboo Garden Gloves do all that.

The gloves are 71% Rayon which is made from bamboo pulp and 29% cotton which makes them very soft and breathable so my hands don't get all sweaty inside. They are a dark army green color, so that helps to hide dirt, and they have non skid rubber dots on the palms so I can get a good grip on garden my tools. They have a nice snug fit so they don't slide off or bunch up and come up over my wrist. The cuff however, does not have a snug fit so some dirt does actually get inside. Since they are soft and fit snugly on my hands I make sure to rub some hand lotion on before I slip into them. This way my hands get a moisture treatment at the same time I am working in the garden.

Most of the garden work last year was done for me so I only got to use these gloves for small jobs like cutting and bringing in flowers and working with the occasional potted plant. Since these are thin and made of a soft material, I have to be careful when I handle roses and other items with thorns as they do poke right through. This year I used them for planting and small pruning jobs and these gloves worked great for that, but I would say for heavy-duty work like digging and large pruning jobs, you would be better off getting a heavier, thicker pair. I do not think these would hold up as well with that much work.

These Bamboo Garden Gloves are machine washable. Since they are soft, I can throw them in the washing machine and they do not damage my other clothes. They can be tossed in the dryer on low heat as well, but I let mine air dry instead to prevent extra wear and tear. They dry quickly and come out soft and flexible, not hard and stiff like some other gloves I have had.

So far my only complaint with them is the packaging they came in. When they attached the tag to the top, they used a very thick piece of plastic that they shot through it to hold the gloves together and the tags on. Removing it left a noticeable hole in the cuffs. The material has held up so far but I hope it does not run when they get more use.