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Eco Box Air Purifier By Eco Quest

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A couple months ago we were looking into getting an air purifier just to improve our breathing. We looked around for a bit and came upon a site for the EcoBox. This small box sends out a solution that kills everything from ecoli to samonilla. It kills cigarette smoke and chimney smoke as well. This small box even removes odors from your home. We have cats so that means we have a litter box and we NEVER smell it anymore. When you come home from work or shopping you can smell rain in your home. The ecobox gives off an extremely pleasant smell that everyone enjoys. I have had people come over and oh my god what is that smell and when I tell them they are just blown away that this small box does this.

The EcoBox is about the size of a Jack in the Box and can mix into any decore. We have ours in the kitchen since we soend most of our time in that area of the house. The cost is high but because it gets rid of mold and other alergins we are generally healthier. We have not been sick much at all since getting it. I used to wake up stuffed up about once a month and I haven't since we got it. The ecobox doesn't make it so you can stop cleaning but it makes it easier since you do not have to use the major cleaners to get rid of germs because the germs are pretty well gone.

The company that makes the EcoBox is called EcoQuest and they have a full range of products including water purifiers that purify your water so well that it eliminates the use of laundry detergent. Matress covers that keep bed bugs off your matress. I think everyone could benefit from using their products. I know I have and will continue to use their products for years to come.