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Ecobulb Bright Soft White Light

Reviewing: Feit Electric Ecobulb 5 Pack Base Converter Bulbs For Use In Candelabra Or Standard Base (Bpesl7 C/5)  |  Rating:
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I ran into Bjs for a couple of things the other day and decided to check out the lighting section to see if they had anything for my kitchen, which is in dire need of some sort of strip light… They did not have what I was looking for, but they did have an interesting pack of bulbs by Feit Electric.

These bulbs are called ecobulbs - energy saving compact fluorescents. What is different about them is that they have the tiny Candelabra base AND a screw on standard base. The package states that once the standard base is screwed on it is permanent. I cannot confirm this as I am using these with the Candelabra base.

I specifically needed bulbs with the Candelabra base for my strip lighting that I have in the bathroom. Up until now we had found just one of compatible green bulb, but the light from those bulbs were dim and yellow… not exactly what I want in a bathroom light.

While the torpedo style bulb is kind of odd looking in the strip light fixture, these bulbs have a true soft white light, that is nice and bright. The bulbs actually give my bathroom more of an outdoor light feel, which makes it very easy for me to see things like my contact lenses before and as I am putting them in!

Each bulb uses 7 Watts of electricity but acts like a 40 Watt bulb. Since the standard bulbs that we have in the strip use 25 Watts each and we have 6 bulbs in the strip we were using 150 Watts and are now using only 42 Watts. This change gives us a savings of 108 Watts every time we flip the bathroom light switch. I can live with that!

Unfortunately these bulbs are not able to be used with dimmers. It is too bad because we have a chandelier that uses 5 bulbs with the standard base that these would be perfect for! Ahhh… well… cannot have it all, I guess!

The ecobulbs claim that they last up to 7 years, or 8, 000 hours, and carry a 2 year warranty.

The packaging of the bulbs is recyclable plastic marked with the number 3 inside the recycle arrows.

Made in China