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Economy And Quality

Reviewing: Js Unitrade Merchandise Eq Plus Diapers  |  Rating:
By ladychai on
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I have been using EQ diapers since I gave birth to my child. There are actually positive and negative sides of this diaper but I still continue to use it albeit the negative factors it presents.

Here are the positive factors I am talking about:

1. While preparing for the big day, I considered buying different brands of diapers in their trial pack. So far the cottony cover of EQ persisted. My baby seldoms cry when wearing EQ compared to other diapers. As she is growing up, I have also considered changing to a different brand however, she develops blisters in her baby bottoms so I went back to EQ.

2. It is economical, comparing to other brands, EQ is less expensive. I have tried a cheaper brand that is also packaged as cottony however I had to change my baby's diapies every now and then, in turn I get to spend more because my daughter gets to use more diapers than usual.

Here are the negative factors:

1. I won't recommend this diaper for use during the night. It is because it leaks especially if you have one kind of child who likes to travel the world within her crib. You know what I mean? Yeah, my daughter moves a lot during her sleep, she will cover every area in her crib. Now that she is no longer using a crib, I just let her sleep in a puzzle mat then covered with handwoven mat and thick blanket that way she can all the 360s she want. She cannot sleep in bed as she might fall. In fact there was one time when my ex-husband and I were still together, my daughter takes up a lot of space in my queen size bed that he fell on the floor.

The handwoven mat gets to be dried in the sun every day because of her urine. The thing is the leak usually happens during the middle of the night and although my daughter does not mind and continues to sleep even when sleeping on a wet mat, I still worry since she has sensitive skin so I had to wake her up, disrupt her sleep and remove the diaper. Now she sleeps without any panties or diapers on that way the urine will not stick to her skin, it is better that way.

2. The tape sometimes will not stick, good thing though that the EQ dry has changed to magnet tapes but EQ plus isn't as lucky, you'll end up wasting some diapers becauseit won't hold in your baby's hips and worst if you are trying to save you will have to pin the diaper which is hassle when it is time to change.

All in all though for day use, this diaper holds up and I still continue using it anyways my daughter is not too keen about wearing diapers already. At two years old she prefers to pee on the comfort room even with diapers on, she would tell me or her nanny that she wants to take a leak and even when we tell her that it is okay to wet her diapies she will still insist on going to the CR. So right now, my main usage for diapers is when my daughter and I goes shopping, grocery, outing or go to church, other than that her panties are alright.