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Eddie Vedder Heads Into The Wild

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By nightwing on
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While I am not a huge Pearl Jam fan, I have always enjoyed what they stood for and had an enormous amount of respect for their lead singer, Eddie Vedder. I liked their music as well, but never went out of way to purchase any of it. Watching the great film, Into the Wild, my respect for Eddie Vedder grew even more. He created such wonderful music that complimented the film so well. I cannot imagine the film without his music playing throughout.

Far Behind is a mellow rocker that is the loudest song on the record, which is to say that it isn't too loud. It's a fun song and I particularly enjoy singing along to it while driving around town. The song is only a little over two minutes long, so I am constantly pressing repeat to enjoy the song more. The song Society can almost be seen as the anthem of the film. It clearly spells out the vision of the main character in the film.

Hard Sun is a cover, but the song fits in so well with the others here that it seems tailor made to be included in this project. I love the lyrics to the song. Long Nights is a beautiful and melodic song with an underlying sense of foreboding that really makes me feel the story of the movie all over again while listening to it.

This is an excellent collection, made so much more powerful by its attachment to the film. I would recommend everyone to see the film and through it you will experience this music in such a great way.