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Edifier M1350 The Ultimate Budget Speaker System

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These Speakers were ones that i has my eye on for a while, and since i have to pay for my small buisness managment course soon, i always go for the cheaper option. it was these, or the Logitech LS21 speakers. in the end, i got both, my father needs some to so the less quality pair goes to him and he would pay for it. in the end, even though the LS21s being a decent system, especially for the price, these Edifier M1350 speaker out shone them in every way.

They have a supierier sound quality, are louder, and i belive are a much 'smarter' look, being a smooth black sleek design (see picture). the logitechs have a bit more weight behing the sattalites, with a bigger base, so they are a little more stable, and the logi's Subwoofer has a volume control, which make for a more controlled environment, whereas the edifiers are lighter, apart from the woofer' which is a tad heavier, so they are little more mobile, and the the subwoofer has no volume control. it has a better quality sound to it, but doesnt' go quiet as loud, but it is almost impossible to notice, and it has the eprfect balance between the subwoofer and the sattelites.

Lokking at the stats of this 2.1 speaker system is where its low price comes in, they are as followed

- 2 X 2W +1 X 4.5W RMS (THD 10%)

- Max noice (- 10% THD) >80dBA

- Sattalites Magneticaly sheilded - 4 Ohms - Subwoofer - 6Ohms

Those are the basic stats.

These speakers are THE best for the price range, and are the perfect personal speaker system. they provide an intense gaming experience, and an awsome movie environment, and can be enhanced with USB Edifier speakers, to make a beautiful surround sound experience. so yeah, if your budget minded, even if your not, consider these badboys