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Eeek A Mouse!

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By ljohnson on
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I needed a new mouse desperately. My old one was a regular mouse with the track ball, and at least one every other day there was a random hair or crumb that threw off the ball, resulting in me having to take the ball out and clean it, put it back together, grumble, and get on with life. THEN the middle scroll button got messed up - when scrolling down, every couple of notches the computer screen would spring UP 3 or 4 places. Ummmm, scroll down to go up? Talk about annoying! It took me 3 or 4 times longer to get through a document than it should have, and it just irritated me.

So, it was time to go shopping for a new mouse. I decided to upgrade to optical, but really wanted to stay with a cord. I'd had a wireless mouse before, and instead of liking cheese, that mouse loved batteries! It felt like I was feeding that mouse new batteries every month, and my desk area is very small, so a corded mouse is fine by me. Plus, this way my 2.5 year old son can't take it off my desk and hide it for me!

I selected this GE optical mouse from target, the package states that you can use it for either left-handed or right-handed use. It was super simple to install, I just unplugged the old mouse from the back of my computer tower, plugged in the new mouse, and it was off and running! Literally...this mouse moved so fast, I could hardly keep up with it.

After visiting the control panel to slow Mr. new mouse down a bit, he's more manageable now, and I am quickly falling in love with his smoothness (no ball!), accuracy, and especially the functional scroll button. All for a great price of $9.99, what a bargain!