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Eeewww! Gross! But It Makes Me Feel Better!

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klkwid By klkwid on
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I played with the thought of trying this kind of thing for a long time. I read on a review at SharedReviews that this really does work, though, so I figured what the heck?? I am SO GLAD I tried the NeilMed Sinus Rinse! It's a step up from a Neti Pot-offering the same sort of thing, but with a positive pressure flow instead of just using gravity to pull liquid through so it does a better job.

For those of you who don't know, a Neti Pot is a little teapot looking thing that you fill with fluid, tilt your head, and put in one nostril-you let the fluid flow through your sinuses and it clears them out. The Sinus Rinse devise looks like a giant saline dropper for contacts almost-you tilt your head to the side and down and push the solution through your sinuses. Nothing really nasty comes out-don't worry :) It clears anything that has collected in your sinuses-that includes allergens!! When I go to the stable, sometimes the hay is a little moldy-I'm allergic to that-this device clears out that mold and leaves me symptom free! It works on the dust particles I pick up there, too. This leaves me free to breathe easy-I fogot what it was like to have clear passages!!

The package contains the squirt bottle and 50 packets of solution mix. More solution mix is available in boxes of 100 for about $12.00. You are supposed to use distilled water, but in some countries it's ok to use tap (but not reccommended). You can do this up to 2 or 3 times per day if needed. I typically do it in the morning, then after I get home from the stable if needed.

It really doesn't feel bad. If you mix the solution right and the water is warm enough (not too warm), it doesn't sting or burn. As long as you breathe out while doing it, it doesn't go down your throat at all-if you forget to, you might get a little trickle, but not bad at all.

If you have sinus problems at all, this is a safe and effective way to clear them out-you notice a difference IMMEDIATELY! Try it! It's a little weird and gross, but hey-it WORKS!!