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Effective Chronic Pain Reliever

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I first learned about Mobic (generic name: Meloxicam) from my mother who has all sorts of aches and pains from bursitis to tendonitis, etc. Anyway, one of the pain killers prescribed to her but was available over the counter was Mobic. It is only 15mg per tablet but it is very effective in relieving chronic pain, like for example arthritis. It is anti-inflammatory yet non-steroidal.

For me, it was prescribed when I myself was diagnosed with tendonitis. It was also given to me when I gave birth through C-Section. It may be more expensive than other pain anti-inflammatory drugs, by let's say 50%, nevertheless, the fact that it is non-steroidal means it is less harmful to the body than other drugs.

This product has worked for both my mom and myself. However, I suggested this to my friend who at that time was suffering from symptoms of arthritis and her pain was not relieved. So I guess, as with different drugs, it depends on every patient whether their body will accept it. It still pays to go to the doctor and get prescription medicines rather than self medicating.

But as for me, since this was already prescribed to me in the past, I buy this from time to time, as needed, when the pain already becomes unbearable. Otherwise, I don't take pain killers.