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When I finally decided to take the plunge and install Windows 7 I was provided with some options for Anti-virus programs that were indicated to be compatible for the new operating system and GData was my preference. My husband also installed Windows 7 and against my recommendations, he decided to install a program that although recommended by Windows 7, was downloaded from a software site that had an older version. Well, may I just interject here "nanna naana naaana!" Sorry, but that couldn't be helped. You see my husband is a certified Tech and Network Specialist - a "hobby" he decided to go to school for simply because everyone we knew was coming to him seeking help in solving their computer problems and he decided that perhaps he should become Certified just in case he ever wanted to throw himself full time into the business. Software however isn't one of his strong points. I'm the beta tester and the software programmer and the "geek" of all things that allow you to play with what would otherwise be just a big, dumb paperweight. So when I have the opportunity to say, "dear I told you so", in the software category specifically, well, I revert to a small child on a playground and exert my childish side :)

Anyway....as I was! The program he first went with immediately crashed his computer. I was rather smug in my remark, "You should have gone with GData dear" as I surfed the net on my still running smoothly, utterly safe and snappy machine.

GData is a software that has been out for awhile but this new 2010 suite of programs are designed to run optimally with the new Windows 7 OS and I can certainly vouch for that.

Installation - Easy as downloading the wrong program! (Okay, last crack at my husband, promise!)

The installation process is done quickly, smoothly and with minimal input from the user. The software installs in approx 2 minutes and then immediately recommends that it update the virus database, going onto the net to recover the most up to date information from the GData records. The Update that is done every day thereafter is seamless and unlike other programs doesn't place pop-ups or present any lag time at all on my system during these updates. Believe me, if there is a system out there that is going to have lag and issues, it will be my laptop! GData works with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and XP with a minimum of 512 Ram and operates on 32 and 64 bit systems.


GData provides firewall protection, email, internet, website and viral protection as well as protection against malware. You are also protected from things like Phishing (sites that portray themselves as legit sites but aren't), root-kits and so much more. When my husband finally came over to the "right" side of anti-virus protection he ran a scan on his system which proved to him that a free program that he'd been using for some time hadn't been quite as effective as he'd thought. GData located a Trojan that the other program had ignored. My husband, after having a little rant about it, was impressed as he's extremely anal about the security of his computer. He now looks at his software geek wife with different eyes me thinks.

Virus Scanning

Unlike some virus scanning programs, GData likes to work behind the scenes quietly and as unnoticed as possible so you don't get a lot of "notifications" but when you do, you can be certain that GData knows its stuff and takes care of the issue promptly and thoroughly. It learns as it operates and the more it learns the better it becomes at its job which means that you may get notifications for an action it has given you once or twice but after that the software knows what to do and does it without pestering you. Every so often I will get a notification that GData is scanning a download which will be a JavaScript or some other script that a site might have running. I really like the fact that no matter what process takes place, GData is watching my back.

The program scans any downloads you may make and occasionally you'll see a small pop-up in the bottom right corner of the screen that informs you that the download is scanned and deemed safe. While looking for quotes at one point I happened upon a site that appeared to be fine but GData informed me that the site was known for "attacks" and promptly informed me of this by interjecting a "get out of here now" warning along with the option to report the site or continue to surf at my own risk. I chose to trust GData with my safety and heed the warning that the site deserved departure.

Scheduling is at your discretion and you can set the scans to operate during periods when you aren't using your system if you wish although I've run scans while working on the computer and have had no truly noticeable lag take place. Every so often though, if a file is a larger one, the lag will be noticeable but the delay is almost always less than a second or two and this usually is only if I'm changing from one program to another and isn't of much consequence at all.

The program's "self-learning" aspect also easily places safe, known information into a whitelist. The program is also very easy for anyone to use with one click response and no convoluted message notificatiions which I like.


Trial software is available and works without compromise, at least in the experience we've had thus far. GData gives you notice that your software will cease working as of a certain date - the trial I downloaded will expire October 22, 2009 (a 30 day trial period) at which time I fully intend to purchase this program. I've not yet discovered the cost of this program, however. The one thing I've found about GData's website is that it is not "purchase" heavy so until you are ready to purchase, you don't see a lot of this type of thing on the site. That impresses me actually as I really get turned off by sites that have the price of their products so overly obvious and all over the place that it's annoying...but that's just me because I'm a soft subtle sell to type of consumer and don't like in your face advertising. So, again GData has interested me with their approach and for that I respect them. Once the trial is complete and you've purchased there is no need to un-install anything, the purchase license continues to provide your current configuration with accurate and up to the minute security without missing a beat.

GData is available as Anti-virus 2010, Internet Security 2010 and GData Total care 2010. They also provide programs specifically for Medium businesses.

Another nice thing about GData and Windows 7 is the fact that you can have a Gadget for GData sitting on your desktop that shows you it's working stealthily behind the scenes and indicates that your system has been updated to the latest Virus database giving the date last updated. Every so often you can see the gadget responding as GData operates - the gadget is green when all is well or GData is just monitoring and turns Red when GData is working on a scan. Every so often the little gadget will pulse for a split second as GData indicates "Hey user...I'm still watching out for you!" For those of us who like clutter free desktops, this is a great feature, especially in Windows 7 although I assume that Windows Vista would also have this particular gadget available.

Overall, a nice program that seems to work very well and very smoothly and uncovers and eradicates viruses and threats with very little worry or intervention on the users part. I think I've been converted!