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Effective Simplicity Silica Cat Litter

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I love my cat but I certainly don't love the cat litter chore. While using the "other" cat litters that clumped and touted themselves capable of neutralizing odors and effectively servicing not just one cats litter box but multiple cats, I have to say that they have nothing on Simplicity Cat Litter crystals!

These crystals are fantastic and unlike the standard cat litter out there, this particular cat litter actually works beyond it's claims. To-date the only kind of litter that I can obtain from this company is for multiple cats but that's fine for me because it has proven to provide exceptional odor control and extremely simple cleanup of my dear cat's toiletry.

Her feces end up dried in a matter of about 15 minutes and at the end of every day I simply scoop out the dried feces and stir the gel crystals around. The urine reacts with the crystals in a different way by turning the white and blue crystals to powder while still holding the odor at bay.

The 1.81 liter container that I buy lasts our cat for about a month and a half and to-date not a single person, family or visitor has complained that they can smell our cats litter box...simply because there is absolutely no odor!

I love this stuff! The container states the following:

>>Neutralizes odor

>>Low Maintenance


This product is available through Simplicity Plus pets website.

The secret to this amazingly effective cat litter are the beads of silica "which contain thousands of microscopic pores". As the beads absorb and trap liquid waste the litter prepares to also evaporate liquid (urine) over time leaving the silica gel crystals a greyish powder. Once the silica beads are more powder than silica you simply add more of the container's silica crystals to the cat litter box. I don't empty the box completely and refill with all new silica until I finish the container and have purchased another one. At that time I wash and sanitize the box and we are good to go again for another month and a half.

I spoke with a University student whose class had tested this type of cat litter and he said they found that not only did the silica gel crystals trap and retain odor and moisture more quickly, they also neutralized odor far better than any other cat litter they tested. The silica gels also provide more sanitary conditions and cats who use this cat litter have far fewer urinary tract infections or other illnesses.

So far our cat is one healthy little lady and she got use to this litter quickly. For $6.99 this cat litter is the only litter I hope I will ever use because it does everything it says it will and more. I highly recommend it!