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Einstein's Unfinished Symphony By Marcia Bartusiak

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By halcamdad on
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This is a fantastic book written by a physicist, but on a level that any educated lay person can handle. I found it fascinating. The major focus is on the evolution of gravitational wave detection as a science. Many of Einstein's predictions (based on his theories of relativity) have withstood the test of time and experimentation. However, the inevitable detection of ripples through space-time generated by cosmic events will truly vindicate Einstein. This book invokes excitement about the prospect of detecting a gravitaional wave. Many will probably ignore the headlines when the time comes and we hear (with sophisticated billion dollar instruments) the echoes reverberating through space-time as the universe continues to evolve. I'll throw a party!!!

This book chronicles the history of gravitational wave detection over the last century. If you have an interest in physics or astronomy, this is a must read. Check it out.....you won't be disappointed.