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Electric Guiter By Washburn, The Real Deal!

Reviewing: Washburn Def Leppard Lymon Electric  |  Rating:
dade By dade on
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Anyone who plays guitar, knows the brands. What is good, what is crap and what falls in between the lines. "Washburn" is one of those brands, in the music circle, that just won't give it up. They are what I consider, "minor" contenders, in a big way.

My father still has two "Washburn" electric guitars, from the 80s. They both have held up and seasoned well through the years.

I was shopping Target, of all places and ran into an absolute "steal"! They had a Def Leppard styled guitar, by "Washburn". It's an electric guitar and begs to be played, so I did.

I grabbed a salesperson off the floor and I plugged in. Before you could whistle, "Smoke On The Water", I had people congregating around me. The action on this axe was sweet. Once I tuned the guitar, this "strummer" stayed tuned. I started scaling up the neck and nothing fell out. All the harmonics were in place!

I can honestly say, the action on this Def Leppard styled guitar, by Washburn is truly a value. Who would have thought, I could go into a Target store and buy a quality, electric guitar, by Washburn?

My over all score on this baby, is 4.9. This rating is based on the value and quality of the product. I was floored! I could not buy something this good, without hitting the guitar shops, I generally go to, first. Good for you, Target.

So, I snuck it into the house that night. Jan and I wrapped the guitar up, until Xmas. My youngest son will have, the "real, deal"; not just some toy, pretending to be a musical instrument. Matt is big on his music and I did not want to insult him by getting him anything less, than the real McCoy.

We made a deal awhile ago. Matthew would have to learn how to play, "Gloria". It's a three cord ditty, from the old days. My dad made me learn to play it, before he got me my first guitar.

For the next few weeks, before Christmas, I will be teaching my son how to play Gloria, so he can get this Washburn, electric guitar, for Xmas.