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Electronic Banking Monopoly How Fun Is It?

Reviewing: Parker Brothers Electronic Banking Monopoly  |  Rating:
By korg on
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My wife loves Monopoly, and can play for the hours needed to win. She got the Electronic Banking Edition for Christmas and roped me into playing it with her. I never thought I could hate Monopoly any more until this version came along! The premise is the same as the regular version of the game, you want to buy as many properties as possible and barter with other players to trade them to gain control of popular monopolies. You can still go to jail, draw chance and community chance cards and build houses and hotels. The difference is you play with no money, instead you get credit cards that you deduct and add money to with an electronic device. Parker Brothers has taken all the fun out of Monopoly!

I think the game has gotten even slower using this electronic banking edition, and the fun is gone because I can't steal money from the banker when my wife isn't looking! I am sure die-hard Monopoly fans will still love this game, but for those who are looking to enjoy a once-in-a-while game of Monopoly, it fails miserably.