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Electronic Stethoscope Worth The Price?

Reviewing: 3 M Littmann 3m Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 3000  |  Rating:
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Here's for all the nurses and healthcare workers out there!

I personally use a Littmann Stethoscope and don't want to change. I'll review mine later because it really is a great product. When the time came for my boss, who is a cardiologist, to get a stethoscope, we looked around for a really good product. Littmann offers very good quality for a reasonable price. The doctor wanted something that could amplify sounds because he was in the army years and years ago as a tank commander and after years of hearing that booming sound of the canons, he has a slight difficulty hearing some sounds. We looked into the electronic stethoscopes available and found the Model 3000 series and gave it a try.

Overall, this is a very good product. It has an amplification of up to 18 times better than a standard Littmann, and it reduces unwanted noises by 75%. It is slightly heavier than a standard stethoscope, but not enough to make a big difference. It takes one AA battery that does seem to wear down quickly, but again, the guy is a cardiologist-he uses this thing constantly. I don't like how it sounds myself, but I have only used it for blood pressures and when he has me listen to anomolies in patients' chests or bruits around the body, it is VERY clear and it MUCH easier to hear than a standard stethoscope.

It's a great device and it helps out a lot for a slight hearing loss. It amplifies necesseary sounds and eliminates sounds created by your own hands when holding the bell or brushing obects slightly. For something so important as needing to hear inside a human body, it's well worth the extra cost of this product to have these extra features.