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Electronic Whac A Mole Game

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By mellaview on
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When I saw that my neice and nephew had an electronic game of one of my favorite carnival games, Whac-A-Mole, I was pretty excited to gather them up and start a game.

They though showed little interest, and my neice was the only one who actually wanted to play... after turning the game on, I could see why she was not very thrilled with it.

First and foremost, the moles do not pop up from the ground like the carnival game. Instead they sit there not moving at all. Whenever their hats light up, you then hit them with the lightweight plastic mallet.

On harder mode, the lights do not even turn on, instead you have to listen for your mole to make a noise. This is a huge issue because the games sounds are so low, that if a child, or anyone in the room is talking, or laughing you will miss your sound.

Another issue is the way the game is set up. The moles are placed too closely to one another, so kids easily whack one another by accident when they get overly excited while hitting their mole.

Overall the game was a bust. When my nephew and his friend joined in my neice ended up getting hit with the plastic mallet, and that ended the game with crying.

Whac-A-Mole is one to skip. At the $20.00 price tag most stores ask, it's just not worth it.