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Electrosol Finish Dishwasher Tabs

Reviewing: Reckitt Benckiser Electrosol Finish Dishwasher All In One Tabs  |  Rating:
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I've owned a dishwasher since the early 80's and I've tried practically every dishwasher cleaning product out there. My favorites are the Gel packs - simple to use, no muss, no fuss - but when I couldn't find the new Finish 3 in 1 forumula in my favorite gel pack forumla I decided to try the Electrosol Finish Power Ball tablets. These tablets include a pre-rinse cleaner, the dishwasher soap and a "Finish" of jet dry. The tablet is white, blue and the power ball is red.

Each tablet comes pre-packaged in a wrapper that must be taken off before placing in the detergent dish of the dishwasher - that's probably the only thing bad I can say about these. Once you get use to just grabbing and popping a gel tab in the dishwasher, having to rip off the cellophane wrapper of these tabs becomes a bit of a nuisance - particularly, if like my kids, you forget to do that and throw a tab in, wrapping and all only to discover that your dishes are only semi-clean and the little dishwasher tab is then pretty difficult to extract from its wrapping! I've found that some of the tabs have difficulty being separated from their protective package - particularly if you are like me and have issues with carpel tunnel - the wrapping isn't always the easiest to get off.

Once you have the proper procedure down though (stripping the wrapping off to be exact), these little tablets of dishwasher detergent and JetDry rinse mixed in one, do a pretty good job of cleaning the dishes and leaving them shiny clean.

Usually we can load the dishwasher right up and one of these tablets will thoroughly clean the full load, leaving everything crystal clean - even the glasses. No spots, no food residue - just clean, sanitary dishes!

A box of 15 tabs usually does us for about 3 weeks so for almost a month of dishwasher cleaning, these tablets are relatively economical to use. Overall, this is a pretty good product that does what it's suppose to and so far, it does it quite well even though we tend to pack our dishwasher to the max usually - I've not noticed any issues with getting every dish spotless.

Hopefully though, I'll be able to locate the gel tabs at some point because those are the ones I've found work exceptionally well for our family - no extra steps necessary. These tabs are great though if you don't mind that extra step ;)