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Elegant Dining With A Midas Touch

Reviewing: Wallace Silversmiths Gold Plate Silverware  |  Rating:
lexxia By lexxia on
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When I was in my teens, not even married, I purchased a full complete dinner setting including pots and pans for no other reason than to establish my credit history. I paid $2500 for the entire set and then left them in boxes because I didn't want to use them for fear they'd get "used". Silly, yes, but eventually after I had been married for several years I finally decided it was time to delegate my fine china settings and surgical stainless steel pots and pans to at least holiday use.

These items have lasted me for more than 25 year and they are still in great shape and still used only for holidays. When I decided several years ago that perhaps it was time to spruce up the tablesettings I went on a quest for something that was unique, classy and would add a very nice touch to the dinner table.

Bowring is one of my favorite stores but their homeware items can be pricey. I'll be reviewing a set of hand-blown wine glasses we received one Christmas as a gift which will give you another indication as to not only the price but the quality of this stores products.

The 24kt gold plated silverware I found was actually on sale and by all indications I got a very good deal. This 6 place set grouping when boxed is pretty heavy for silverware and each piece has a nice weight to it. What I love the most about this set is the beautiful antique like "baroque" filigree openings that adorn the end of each piece except for the knives which have the pattern but not the opening. You can see an image of what my set looks like at this site where a 12 piece set is selling for over $300.00. My daughter just sold her digital camera so I'll try to get some images with my cell camera if I can figure out how to work it :) but this image will give you an idea for the time being.

This grouping has been present at every holiday meal and special occasion for the past several years now and at one point my husband, in order to ensure the children didn't begin using them as every day silver, actually hid them. When we went to use them for Easter dinner this past Easter - he couldn't remember where he had "stashed" them! As ridiculous as it sounds, we hunted throughout the house until we located them safely tucked away in a drawer because we just had to have them as part of our meal!

Some of the set has actually ended up getting washed in the dishwasher thanks to my children, but I am happy to say that the sheen and the look of this set has remained beautiful despite the accidental washings in the dishwasher.

I almost didn't purchase this set due to the price, even on sale I had a bit of difficulty justifying the purchase that for many months out of every year simply sits in a china cabinet looking pretty, but they have become a part of our holiday rituals and the table would look as though something were missing if this gorgeous set weren't adorning the china.

Overall, I am glad that I purchased this set. It is of high quality, durably manufactured, the gold plating has not pitted, stained or deteriorated in any way and they add a little elegance to our table when we use them - and yes, they look great just sitting in the china cabinet too. This set has 6 dinner forks, 6 dessert forks, 6 knifes, 6 dessert spoons and 6 larger spoons.

A beautiful way to dress up any table, anytime if you can bring yourself to use them for more than just holidays.