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Elements Of The Soul, An Anthology From Twin Trinity Media

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Cathy Urbanski By Cathy Urbanski on
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I sat down with Elements of the Soul today, intending to read a story, maybe two. I snapped out of my reverie only to find I'd reached the back cover. And then, I went back and read a couple of stories and poems again.

I love short stories. Sometimes life is just too busy to invest the time it takes to read an entire novel but it's nice to have some reading material to take along on a trip, to the beach, or for the waiting room at the dentist's. Unfortunately, it's gotten more and more difficult to find collections of short fiction in paperback form. Thanks to Twin Trinity Media, we'll have our need to read satisfied when ever we can spare five or ten minutes. And not only that, but some great writers, who deserve a leg-up in this tough business, are getting a chance to strut their stuff.

It's a crapshoot, when I find anything written by new authors. Some are really impressive, but it seems like I have to wade through a lot of stories that are less than stellar to find those few, rare gems. Twin Trinity Media has found, for our reading pleasure, an amazing group of up-and-coming writers. This collection of fiction and poetry is not just 'good stuff, considering it comes from amateurs.' These works compare favorably with the best the industry offers.

The stories and poems encompass quite range of topics within the theme.

In Jasper, by Lucinda Gunnin, a woman spies a man dumping some suspicious trash in the wee hours of the morning. Ms. Gunnin also wrote Love Burns, a tragic story of young love gone wrong.

Randy Barefoot weaves a nostalgic poem in which the memory of a simple but poignant moment can transport a man back to his boyhood in Cicada Song.

Jennifer Walker, author of Bubba Goes National and Bubba to the Rescue, contributes The Fire. Her first-hand knowledge of horses shines through, bringing the equine characters of this story to life effortlessly. Ms.Walker also gives us The Assignment, a peek into the thoughts of a writer.

Flames of Love, a poem by Susan Sosbe, recounts the lifespan of love, from its intense birth to its last breath. Ms. Sosbe also wrote The Darkest Night. Witches and revenge; what more could you want?

Steven Thor Gunnin's Last Caress. I have to say, this is one of the best short stories I've ever read. His style reminded me of Clive Barker and Peter Straub; intense yet subtle, with a flawlessly suspenseful build-up. Also by this author, the story Purgatory. Again very dark, very Barker-esque. Mr. Gunnin can count me as a fan.

Laurie Darroch-Meekis gives a sensual portrayal of intimacy in her poem, Rise and in Autumnal Reverie, she exalts the glory of nature at its finest. Kleio is the story of a most unusual flea market find.

In Love & Loss, Lindsay Maddox tells the bitter-sweet tale of two mothers.

The Voice of Violence, by Angel Sharum, exposes dark family secrets. And in contrast, Guilty Pleasure speaks of an illicit tryst.

Jo Brielyn's Healing Scars is a sweet tale of a boy whose body is scarred, but his heart isn't. Ms. Brielyn, you made me cry. Also by this author is the poem, When the Rain Comes. Sometimes you really do need to just cry it all out, and then it feels better.

In Troy Spencer, by George Kramer, after making a promise to his dying mother, a man tries to reconnect with his impossible sister.

M. Lori Motley offers a dark vision of how society deals with outcasts in Flood Of Tears.

Heat from the Road, by Felicity Tillack is a poem which explores the way one imprisons herself, and with this discovery comes the choice of returning or remaining free.

In Rissa Watkins' Fly, a man struggles to find a solution to the poor care his mother is being given.

I highly recommend Elements of the Soul. You may just discover your next favorite author at Twin Trinity Media.