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Eliminate The Need For Traditional Eyeglasses?

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Pinhole Glasses are quite controversial: They may or may not cure nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Pinhole Glasses are worn like traditional glasses, but rather than having glass lenses, they have an opaque surface with many small holes in them.

Pinhole Glasses almost always provide enhanced vision when you wear them - this is based on the same principle which makes the 'depth of field' better when you use a higher f-stop (smaller aperture) on a film camera.

The controversy is whether these glasses can improve vision long term (by changing vision habits or strengthening optical muscles).

Pinhole Glasses are not popular with traditional Optometrists or Opticians. Part of this opposition is probably based on economic motivation - they are not custom ground, but rather off-the-shelf ("one adjustment fits all"), so there is no significant profit to be made dispensing them. A valid complaint might be that when people self prescribe with Pinhole Glasses, they will not visit an eye professional who might identify an underlying vision or medical problem (such as Cataracts or Macular Degeneration).

Pinhole Glasses are based on "The Bates Method" - Discussed by Ophthalmologist Dr. William Bates during the early 20 century book "Perfect Sight Without Glasses". The complete text of the book can be found using Google.

My Pinholes are about 15 years old and are not as stylish as some that are available today. I can't say that they have eliminated my need for traditional spectacles, however, I was not always disciplined or consistent in my use of the Pinholes.

You should do your own research to determine whether you think they may be appropriate in your situation. Many types of Pinhole Glasses are available for sale on the internet.

Important note: Pinhole Glasses should not be used while driving and should not be used in place of sunglasses (as they provide no ultraviolet protection).