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Elite Beat Agents: Beat Me!

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I just tried to play this game on my brother's Nintendo DS. It's called Elite Beat Agents. At first I was confused, trying to figure out what this game was about. But after I played it, I gradually understood and couldn't stop myself. :) The story is about Commander Kahn who is the head of a government agency, tries to help people when they need help. Commander Kahn would assign agents to help those people. The problems varies, ranging from helping babysitter, a treasure hunter, a director, a weather forecaster, and any professions with their own problem. The assigned agents will help them cheering them up with their dancing, so the people can think of ideas that will later help them with their problem. As simple as that. So we, as players, will help the agents with the dancing. How? By tapping with stylus the markers that I will explain below.

First off, this game starts with Briefing stage. In this early stage we are given tutorial. This stage covers up 4 sections which briefly describe four things that we should know: The Elite-o-meter, The Hit Markers, The Phrase Markers, and The Spin Markers. Each section is completed with an exercise. Elite-o-meter is the power line / gauge, so when a task (tapping) is performed correctly, it will add up, while we fail performing a task, it will go down. Don't let this meter reach zero, or you will be failed in that mission. The Hit Markers are some circles with number which we should tap by order of the number. There is a time allowance showed by the outer circle which will shrink to the number circle and by the time these outer circle hit the number circle we should tap it. The key to this is the music beats. The Phrase Markers are tracks / line on which we should hold and follow along the way, and not to let our stylus off the screen when we do that. The Spin Markers are located at the very end of the mission and when these markers are on the screen, we should spin the stylus on these markers.

Points vary from 300 (this is the highest) to 50 points. If you perform an action perfectly you will get 300. After a mission is accomplished, you will get the rank, based on the calculation of the number of the hit marker, spin marker, how many you miss, etc. I didn't play it well at the first time, so I only got D. lol.. :p Well, it may sound very simple to just tap but as you reach higher level, the more difficult it becomes. But if you listen to the beat carefully, you will know the exact time of tapping.

The display is great (more like Japanese manga characters) and the audio is, no doubt, the best of all. I notice some popular songs in this game, such as Sk8er Boi (Avril Lavigne), You're The Inspiration (Chicago), Material Girl (Madonna), and if you play it well, you will unlock bonus songs like Believe (Cher), ABC (Jackson Five), and Survivor (Destiny's Child).

All in all, I love this game. I was thinking of buying a Nintendo DS because of this game, but I'm sure my hubby wouldn't let me do that, since I would forget to do household chores once I played this game lo... :) Recommended game!