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Elite Cuisine Convection Oven

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Elite Cuisine Convection Oven With Rotisserie, Grill/Griddle and Steamer

April 30, 2004, I purchased one of these ovens from Shop-At-Home for $74.92 plus $13.09 shipping. We had that oven until October of 2009. Model was RO -2010X Brushed Stainless Steel Exterior & Continuous Clean Interior.

This was the best convection oven I have ever owned and I have owned plenty of them during my adult life time. I am 67

and I have always owned a toaster oven of some sort.

With this particular oven, we did not use all the features, but the ones we did use, (broiling and baking) worked well and the oven lasted 5 years. That may not seem like a long time to some, but considering we used this convection oven, minimum of once a day and average twice a day, almost every day in the year, it becomes apparent that 5 years is, in fact, a long time in this case.

The top “grill tray” was a feature we did not use, and, for us, turned out to be nothing more than a dust collector and one more thing to wash and keep clean. It does come with a black-handled, white cover, but I did not use it, it would have been one more thing to wash, as it would have collected dirt and grease from the air, when cooking.

However, the upside of that top grill, was that it was a removable grill, which actually doubled as, the TOP of the oven, allowing me to keep the underside, free of burned on residue, which always gathers in these types of ovens, and which is impossible to keep clean! I actually covered the top grills underneath area, with aluminum foil and placed it back into its place. Then after I had used the oven enough times for it to collect a fair amount of splatter up there, I simply changed the aluminum foil ! So, while the rest of the oven collected that burned on crust that they all get, the top, did not, which was a plus in my book.

As to the Continuous Clean Interior, I did not see that happen anywhere!!! It collected the same, cooking residue that any other convection oven of this type collects. ( The same black carbon like crud, you can never get off ) !

We did not use the rotisserie, so I can not comment on that, but the inside flat cooking surface has enough room to broil two very large porterhouse steaks, at the same time, but not 3-4 ! So, if we had company they went hungry lol -- NOT ! We cooked theirs first, of course, or used our Big Boy oven/broiler

We loved this oven. We broiled all our meats in this, as well as baking our most *beloved*, and delectable, cinnamon rolls in it. It has a timer as well as having a “stay on” setting. I also appreciated the see through, clear glass door/window which was so easy to keep clean.

By 2008 we were having a really hard time reading the dials and could not figure out what setting/temperatures we were looking at so we could set it correctly. The panel had faded and the settings, lettering and numbers were unreadable. I contacted the Elite Cuisine company and explained the issue. The lady I spoke with was so nice and actually sent me an enlarged photograph, of the operating panel, which we then pasted on the inside of our cupboard door right over the oven.

By 2009, we noticed an issue with the timer. Well, I noticed it ! lol, not hubby Coupled with its age and the amount of use we had put on it over the years and the encrusted insides, we talked it over and decided that we needed to replace it to be on the safe side.

So, in October of 2009, we waited for our choice of a replacement to arrive and then, we said goodbye to our faithful old friend.

To protect anyone from picking it from our trash, thinking it was a safe item to recycle for their use, we cut the cords in several places, and threw it all into the garbage.

If I had to find something really negative about this oven, I would say that it would be its size!~ It is quite bulky and took up a bit of space on our limited counter. But for most who have ample counter space, I would imagine that the large size would not be a problem.