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Elizabeth Grant Torricelumn Pur

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When my sister in law discovered this Elizabeth Grant duo on Ebay and raved about how incredible it made her skin feel that was all I needed to convince me that I should try it. So, at 4:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning after an all nighter, something we do frequently, we sat in front of her laptop and placed another order for the Torricelumn A.M and P.M. lotions. The vials I purchased were 10ml each but that little bit seems to go a long way surprisingly.

The A.M. lotion left my skin feeling really rejuvenated and fresh feeling with just the slightest bit of a tingle that subsided after only a few minutes. The texture of my skin felt immediately softer, smoother and although I'm not fighting against too many wrinkles yet thanks in part I think to my North American Indian heritage, I definitely want to keep a reasonably unlined face for at least a little while longer.

The P.M. lotion was a cooling, calming lotion at the end of the day when stripped of all my makeup, I could finally feel squeaky clean and petal soft. I was impressed. As for seeing a reduction on the wrinkle front? I can't say that there was much in the way of significant indication that these lotions together or separately have the ability to reduce, diminish or otherwise work magic either on what few I have or even on those that my sister in law has.

I did notice however that after 3 days my skin had developed dry patches, something that I'd not had with the facial gel I'd been using previously. Unfortunately for me I am hyper sensitive to a lot of lotions and gels and actually I am surprised that my sister in law hasn't mentioned experiencing similar results as she usually reacts very quickly to things her skin doesn't like. So far, she's not mentioned a similar experience but then, I've not asked her either. I did notice that she wasn't carrying it with her when we spent our vacation together though and I suspect that she stopped using these lotions very soon after I did.

Just the smallest amount of these 'serums' however did go a very long way...less than a tack head size easily applied smoothly and quickly over my face and neck and the two tubes still look as though they have been untouched yet I did continue to use these products for over 2 weeks, hoping that my skin would simply settle down and just get over itself.

The two vials don't list any active nor medicinal/non-medicinal ingredients and some claim that there really is no such thing as 'Torricelumn Pur' but rather these particular products hold nothing more than plant extracts such as algea, aloe vera juice, sea weed and chamomile. Actually, unless there is an ingredient in these products that no one knows of yet, I don't see any reason why my skin would have reacted as it did except perhaps to say that it was just something that was going on and just happened to coincide with the usage of these two products.

I'm willing to give them another try now that my skin is doing much better again since going back to my old tried and true albeit rather odd combination of skin care. I'll be pulling these two out again next week...after the wedding this upcoming weekend though, just in case my skin still doesn't like me spending my money on the more expensive solutions. I'll be certain to update this review with the results.