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Emeril Xl 1700 Watt Electric Grill By T Fal Works Great

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Robyn Walker By Robyn Walker on
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Emeril™ XL 1700-Watt Electric Grill by T-fal Grilling your food not only takes time but it can be inconvenient. Standing outside by the barbecue in the heat of the summer can get old fast. For me, I wanted the taste of grilled food without all the hassles. I decided to buy an indoor grill but could not decide which one to get. I knew I needed a large one due to my large family and the fact that I did not want to waste my time cooking a few pieces of meat at a time. This is why I chose Emeril XL 1700-Watt Electric Grill by T-fal.

This grill is large enough to cook most of the meat for dinner at one time. It also cuts down on the time to grill and it cooks evenly. No barbecue can do that. With the drip tray in the middle, the cleanup is easy. The grill plates slope towards the middle so that all grease flows into the extra-large tray underneath. Once grilling is done, simply take the tray out, clean it and then wipe down the grill plates. Clean up really is that easy.

Since the grill is 1700 watts, meat will cook fast. It really surprised me the first few time I used it. Saving time is important to our family so this is a big deal for us. We save time while cooking dinner so we have time for our life. When we use this grill, we place it on the stove top. This seems to work out great. It is large so if you have a large counter top then that would be perfect. The grill comes with 2 grill plates, instructions and a manufacturer's 1 year warranty. The 2 grills can be place at different temperatures so you can cook 2 different types of meat or vegetables. The die-cast aluminum plates ensure efficient heat diffusion and even cooking.

The fact that it is, Emeril products can assure you that you are getting only quality products that will last a long time to come. The reason that I am so positive about this grill is because it has saved us time, money and overall has made our life much more convenient. I am confident that it will do the same for most families, as well. I recommend it, especially to those that really love to grill and also for those that have large families.