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Emerson Weather Radio

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Severe weather is bad enough when you can watch television and hear important news updates. Being out of touch during those times can not only be scary, it can be deadly.

During a major ice storm, our house was without power for 5 days. It seemed unbearable to us, but others had it much worse. All hotels in the city and for miles around were filled with people looking for a place to stay where they could be warm and have electricity. We chose to stay in our home and wait, not realizing it would take so long.

At that time, we had a police scanner which was our only connection to news outside our home. It was quite interesting to listen to and we learned a lot about what was happening in our city. But, after a couple of days, a little music or entertainment of some sort would have been welcome. I decided during that time that I was going to buy a battery powered radio for future storms.

Emerson Instant Weather Band Radio was just what I was looking for. It has continuous weather reports, as well as AM/FM radio, audio from local television channels and an LCD clock. Since that ice storm two years ago, we have had other major winter storms, as well as tornadoes and severe thunderstorms and the power goes out often during these events. It is comforting to be able to grab the radio and immediately have access to information.

The radio is lightweight, so it's easy to carry it from room to room. It operates on 4 AA batteries, which still work, but I always keep extra batteries on hand, just in case. There have been several times that the radio has been in the bathroom with us during tornado warnings when we had to take shelter. It is very important that we hear storm updates.

For years, I had planned to buy a radio for emergencies and kept putting it off. I learned my lesson during the ice storm. Long days alone in a dark, cold house will motivate you to get things done that you've procrastinated about. I'm very happy with this radio and know that I can still get information or soothing music whenever the power goes out again.