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Emjoi Sin Dolor

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Rae Hall By Rae Hall on
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Emjoi Sin Dolor is an epilator. I tried one of these back in the 80’s when they had just came out and I was not that impressed with them. However, the price of razors and other hair removal processes got me to try an epilator again. According to the package the Emjoi Sin Dolor:

-removes hair almost painlessly.

-has 21 tweezers that remove hair fast.

-hair will be gone for 6 weeks and when it comes back it will be less noticeable.

-has 2 speeds.

-can be used just about anywhere like face, arms, legs, bikini area etc.

Two of those statements are true. It does have two speeds (why is beyond me) and it can be used anywhere if you dare. The other three are in my opinion slight exaggerations. Let’s get serious folks. The Emjoi Sin Dolor yanks hair out and when that happens its going to hurt. I did not think it was that bad (some people have said they could not handle the pain) but it depends on your pain tolerance level and probably how coarse or thick your hair is. It did not remove hair fast in my case. In fact I had to use it for a few nights running to get the majority of the hair removed. The hair did not stay away 6 weeks. Some of it came back in two weeks and the rest came back a week later.

I would advise if you try this product or a similar one you do it in a few small spots to start with. It can cause the skin to break out in red pimples. It did this only in one area for me. It worked fine on my legs. For the underarms it caused a bit of soreness for a day. I have a strong suspicion that this product is going to work for some people and for others it’s going to be a complete waste of money. Overall, I am not so sure this product is worth the money The hair does come back a bit less noticeable but I believe that is because it pulls it out by the root and because it grows in at different times. I am waiting to use it a second time and see how it does before I decide whether I want to continue using it.

Update On Jul 10, 2008: I believe this is going to be a product that some people can use and others can't because of various types of skin. It's definitely has its drawbacks. They need to find a way to make it more effective each time its used. If its going to hurt it should work the first time around.

This is a product that is needed. With concerns about the environment and everyone trying to "go green" this product would really help if is was just more effective.

Update On Mar 06, 2010: Update: I quit using this as it just did not seem like a good method for me. I assumed it would be easier on the skin after awhile but it never seemed to be any easier. Did not seem to slow the growth enough in areas.